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Frequently Asked Questions About RecordiaPro

How secure is the RecordiaPro server that stores the recordings?
Your information is protected with industry leading security and fraud prevention systems. Phone call information is 100% confidential.

How long after the call with the recordings be available?
Immediately after the call ends.

How long does it take for my recording account to become activation?
As soon as your purchase is complete you will be sent an email with instructions on how to get started.

Is there any notification provided to let others know the call is being recorded?
No notification is given to either party of the call. For information on US laws for recording calls and disclosures, (different for every state), go to

How does it work?
The setup wizard allows you to configure your phones so that calls are rerouted through a telecommunications-recording switch. When the system is active, each call is channeled thru a recording switch before it is picked up by the receiving party. One the call is connected through the switch, advanced digital processors record every word on both sides of the conversation.

Are all calls recorded or can I choose specific incoming calls to record?
Two choices are offered for incoming call recording: Record all incoming calls automatically or choose to record incoming calls "On Demand". When recording incoming calls "on demand", you choose as the calls arrive.

If I don't use my minutes in one month will they still be useable next month?
Yes - all recording minutes are pre-paid and can be carried over month to month with no additional fees.

How do I add more minutes to my account?
This is handled inside your Account Manager.

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